A Year in Review

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019! 

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Written By: Mariko Baerg, REALTOR of Bridgewell Real Estate Group
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Wow! What a year it has been. We’ve accomplished a lot at Bridgewell in 2018, both professionally and personally.

In the spirit of making new goals for the year, I’ve had the fun of reviewing 2018 and all it came with.

Here’s a recap of my favourite moments throughout the 2018 year:


The coveted medallion club – we’re very happy to say that we are in the top 10% of realtors in Greater Vancouver for 2018. It’s amazing and humbling to think back on the year and all of the clients that worked with us, or all of the past clients that refer us.

We are very blessed to have worked with people that we can say have now all become friends, and are grateful for every one of you that we’ve come in to contact with this year.

There are 14,000 realtors in the GV real estate board and it’s a competitive industry, and while I couldn’t imagine doing anything else I will admit that it’s not always as glamorous as people might think. With that being said, a changing market always pushes us to improve our business, strategies, and service to our clients and we are happy to say that we’re still very busy despite the times! It’s all about adapting and we look forward to continuing the grind of working for our clients day in and day out.


This was cool. At one point in the beginning of my career I remember thinking to myself – how the heck am I ever going to get the three best rated recognition? It’s not by popular vote, I can’t apply, the company literally hand picks these people based on their volume, online presence, reviews, and more than a handful of other factors.

Years later (this year!) I got an email notifying me that Bridgewell had been ranked as the top 3 realtors in Coquitlam and it was really one of those moments where you realized something that you thought was (pretty much) impossible actually happened.

Side note: For those of you wondering – our office is in Coquitlam, and the top 3 recognition is based on where your office is located. We’re still out and about helping clients buy & sell all over the Lower Mainland. This year we’ve done deals in New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, Chilliwack, Burnaby, Vancouver & of course in the Tri-Cities. We’re all over the place, so if you have friends or family looking to buy or sell we can still help them!


For those of you that have followed the blog for a while, you’ll know that I recently launched a Youtube channel to take the real estate education side of our business to the next level.

We had clients and readers comment that a Vlog would be helpful for them, and while I was reluctant at first (I’m not the most comfortable on camera) this was the year that I finally caved and started putting up videos. I’m trying my best to keep up with 4 vlogs a month (roughly 1 a week), and still maintaining another 4 blogs per month. We’re really going to amp up everything online this year – so stay tuned for more valuable content in MULTIPLE MEDIUMS now for 2019!

If you haven’t watched any of our vlogs yet, check them out by searching Bridgewell Real Estate Group in Youtube. A lot of the content mirrors the vlogs, but there’s some info that you can only find in the vlog!! You might learn something new, so like or subscribe if you’re interested in all things real estate.

You can also find my 2018 recap video here:


I took a USA national parks tour and explored Yellowstone/the Grand Canyon/Zion/Bryce Canyon/Arches, spent more time with family & friends, continued to obsess over my dog Bailey, pushed myself out of my comfort zone, tried a lot of new things for the first time, travelled to Halifax to visit my best friend Sonya for the first time since she moved there 10 years ago, and got to celebrate Bachan’s (my grandma) lucky 88th birthday!!! (it’s the Japanese side, so 8s are lucky and double 8s are even luckier!)

I also discovered meditation, ran my first 10k marathon (twice!), and did my best to maintain a workout schedule a 3x per week yoga, 2x per week kickboxing & 1x per week weights/resistance training in the gym. I’m hoping to pair my workout schedule with meal planning in 2019 (I need to eat out less…) and also learn to take more time for myself. I realize I’m not very good at just relaxing, and while it’s good to “always be grinding” there is a limit to everything. I still plan on working 12-15 hour days (I love work, I can’t help it) – but just with a little more self-care sprinkled in and less scrolling through Instagram on my time off.

Here are some of my favourite photos of 2019:

Thank you all for an amazing 2018, your support, referrals, and decision to work with us means a lot for our business and we’re so happy to have a network of such amazing friends/family/clients.

I wish you health, wealth and happiness in 2019 – and can’t wait to hear/see your journeys as you welcome the new year. Cheers to the new year!


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