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Tips to Finding a Great Agent

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Written By: Mariko Baerg, REALTOR of Bridgewell Real Estate Group
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If you’re looking to find a great realtor to help you through the selling or buying process then you’ve come to the right place.

This blog will help you to find the best realtor for your needs.

We go through things to look for in a realtor, and what questions to ask to make sure you hire someone you can trust!

Read on for our top 9 things to look for in a realtor.

things to look for in a realtor

Check out these top 9 things to look for in a realtor:

  1. Strong team structure/availability
  2. Tech Savvy Agent
  3. Knowledgeable About Your Market
  4. Hire a Full Time Agent!
  5. Check Reviews & Past Client Feedback
  6. Find an Experienced Agent
  7. Get an Agent You Can Trust
  8. Familiar With Your Type of Property
  9. Get an Agent With an Extended Network

For more details on the importance of each point, keep reading!

Get an agent with an assistant or partner!

Real estate is a job that waits for no one, and if you’re looking for an answer or want to write an offer you’ll need a response quickly. You’ll want to find an agent with an assistant or a partner, as you may need someone to talk to when your agent isn’t available.

Find out what the structure of your agent’s business is, how they work with their assistants/team, and what your agent’s availability is.

Choose a tech-savvy agent

Most home searches today begin on the Internet, so it is extremely important when you are buying or selling that your agent is tech-savvy.

If you’re listing a property, you’ll want to be made aware of the agent’s online marketing strategy as well as online presence. How will they make sure your home is seen to as many people as possible?

If you are purchasing a property, you’ll want to know how your agent uses technology to ensure that you’re receiving property notifications as soon as they are listed. How are they using technology to make your life and property search easier?

Ensure the agent is knowledgeable about the market

Knowledge is key when it comes to real estate. You’ll want to find an agent that is familiar with your neighbourhood and has a strong understanding of the market. Geographic market smarts can save you money, so test the realtor’s knowledge of the area before hiring them.

Work with a full-time realtor

Real estate is a full service, full time business – and you’ll need an agent that is working for you whenever you are in need. If an agent is full time, it means they are committed and have enough business to have real estate as their sole priority and focus.

With a property being one of the largest assets you will buy/sell in your life, you’ll want to make sure you have someone with their head fully in the game. 

Look for a realtor with great reviews!

Search for reviews online, Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, & Facebook Reviews are a great place to start. Testimonials on the agent’s website is a good start, but places that link directly to the client’s accounts as more reliable and trustworthy.

If a realtor doesn’t have any online reviews, ask to speak to past and present clients to see how they felt about their experience with the realtor. 

Check their experience as an agent

When you first talk to a realtor you’ll want to make sure they are experienced and extremely familiar with their contracts. If you hire a new realtor, beware that they may be learning on you.

Find someone you can trust and check their past history

Go with your gut and decide whether or not you feel you can trust that realtor. Do you mesh well with them… did they make you feel comfortable? You may want to take an extra step and check with their council to see if there are any disciplinary actions against them. 

Get an agent that is familiar with your home buying/selling scenario

An agent may be experienced in selling townhouses, but if you’re selling a detached home and they’ve never done that before then their experience doesn’t apply much to your situation!

Are you a first-time homebuyer, house flipper, downsizer or selling an estate? Ask the realtor you are considering whether they have experience in your specific scenario, and how they can help you better than another agent.

Look for someone with an extended network

Real estate is so much more than just the buying and seling process. You’ll want to work in an agent that has a list of trusted professionals, such as inspectors, lawyers, electricians, contractors, and more. This will work as a great resource for you if you ever need it!


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