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The City of Lougheed has just announced that Tower Two will be ready to start selling in the Spring/Summer 2018.

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If you’re thinking of purchasing a presale property, it’s important that you have a realtor working in your best interest and not the developer’s. For more information on why to hire a buyer’s agent when purchasing a presale, check out our blog here: 8 Reasons To Hire a Presale Realtor

Currently, Tower One is still not fully sold out. The City of Lougheed staff made the decision to halt sales and put a pause on tower one earlier this year. According to the sales staff, they were waiting on permits for Tower Two before they would continue with sales for Tower One. We will have more updates by the end of April/early May 2018.

City of Lougheed Tower Two will also be built by Shape Properties; however rather than offering 1500 units like the first, the second tower will offer 450 units.

city of lougheed tower two

The City of Lougheed Tower Two is part of a master planned community for the City of Burnaby, bordering the City of Coquitlam. There are a number of amenities in the area, and this community represents great value and an opportunity for long-term appreciation. The City of Lougheed overall long-term plan is as follows:

  1. Vision & Master Plan: 23+ towers, built over 40 acres at the centre of Metro Vancouver
    2. SkyTrain & Location: Millennium and Evergreen SkyTrain lines—directly on site
    3. Shopping, Dining & Culture: 300+ new shops and restaurants
    4. Landscape & Greenery: Purposefully designed with open spaces and lush landscaping
    5. Service & Security: 24/7 security, giving you peace of mind
    6. Homes & Design: Elevated homes that showcase the best in intelligent living
    7. Indoor & Outdoor Amenities: 3 level, 18,000 sq.ft. amenity space to socialize, exercise and entertain
    8. Verified Value: $7-billion master planned project poised for long-term growth

For more information on City of Lougheed Tower One, check out our blog here: Everything You Need to Know About the City of Lougheed Tower One

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When dealing with a presale you’ll want to hire a realtor to represent you. The sales staff works for the developer’s best interests, so to ensure that you’re protected you should choose a realtor that is familiar with presales & has experience working with various development projects.  With Bridgewell’s experience and systems we’re determined to help you achieve your real estate goals.

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