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Radner Reyes – REALTOR

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 604-319-0200
Office Fax: 604-415-9988

Recent Achievements

medallion club coquitlam realtors
Top 10% Real Estate Board MLS Medallion Club
Platinum Award 2019 for Outstanding Achievement in Sales
Rate-My-Agent.com -Best Coquitlam Real Estate Agents 2019
Three Best Rated Realtors in Coquitlam 2019

Outside of Work

Awards: Platinum Award 2020 for Outstanding Achievement, additional awards include President’s Award

Background: Marketing & Business Development

Where I Call Home: Coquitlam 


I am truly passionate about real estate and enjoy helping others reach their goals. To me, numbers don’t lie and careful analysis of statistics is a major driving factor when executing marketing campaigns.

After my experience as the business development executive of a Cloud technology company in Burnaby, my background in marketing and sales has launched my career in real estate by providing the market with traditional and innovative strategies to sell homes. Thorough market research, modern and innovative marketing strategies paired with outbound sales processes is critical to our success. I use these skills everyday in real estate and the marketing world is constantly changing so I’m a bit obsessed with seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Hard work and analytics – that’s how I help our clients get to their goals.

My Drive & a Bit More About Me! 

I realized that everything I do with my life can affect the people I work with and their close friends and family. Because this industry can put me in situations that require great responsibility, it also continues to push me to my fullest potential. I find myself to be a very competitive and results-driven person. When I am able to put my clients in the best possible position and come out with more than they asked for – I feel like I am moving in the right direction and see my purpose.

To gain an edge in the market – it is necessary to continue self-development and leverage new technology. Whenever I get the opportunity to help home buyers or sellers, I enjoy watching our strategies create amazing results for them. In this industry that is always changing, it is my duty to make sure everyone I work with is supported in the best way possible.

My Favourite Neighbourhoods

While I’ve called Coquitlam home for over 28 years, I started my career mostly working in the Tri-Cities. Seeing it change these few years allowed me to witness the growth of businesses and families. As time goes by, people from outside of the Tri-Cities want to move in or vice versa, which has given me the opportunity to work in a number of areas in both Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley from Burnaby to Langley! At this point, I go where my clients need me.

What I’m Like Outside of Work!

I really like eating. I love travelling and trying the food of the countries I visit. That’s something I love about the Greater Vancouver – it is so culturally diverse you can find so many different restaurants from different places. If I’m not eating, you will probably find me hiking up a mountain or working out to burn the calories I have been eating.